I cut my hair.

2012-09-18 14:48:16 by Jam-Jar

Yes that's right. I donated my glorious hair to people who want it and need it. :)

I really really really need one :/ or at least smthing..

improvment :D

2011-08-23 13:58:34 by Jam-Jar

I am now understanding how to work all the basics to a flash :D yay!


2010-03-23 22:26:59 by Jam-Jar

Blah blah blah!!!

Meet the real Jamjar

2010-01-13 21:57:09 by Jam-Jar


Crappy sibmissions

2009-07-24 04:49:42 by Jam-Jar

OK OK! I really need to improve on my cartooning flash and I am trying my hardest to make a good flash but im out of ideas! could someone help...pleeeez?

Yo I'm New Hahahaha

2009-07-15 20:04:55 by Jam-Jar

I am a new NEWGROUNDER!!! YAY!!! I also have a youtube channel as CrazyLuigi888. I made some videos that are not that funny. There is one video I like -_- Its called Yoshi eats a smash ball. Well thats all i'm going to write.

Yoshi eats smash ball

2009-07-15 19:58:03 by Jam-Jar

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